MagramOnline is the ONLY fully web-based Title Report and Settlement software package available for NY State Title Agencies, accessible within any web browser (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) and from whichever platform you choose (PC, Mac, Smartphone, Tablet, etc.). This means there is NO software to purchase and install. More importantly, all data and documents will be stored & regularly backed up within a fully secure, cloud-based environment, thereby drastically reducing IT related expenses.
TitleDesktop has helped us save valuable time. The software is so user friendly and supports the operations of a busy title office. And that’s not all. Whenever we have a question or concern, we are able to speak, often immediately, with support.
 - Aaron Magram
 MCS Computer Systems

- Title Software the New York Way.
MagramOnline combines unique, specific functions critical to NY State Title Agencies with all of TitleDesktop’s existing software components and features.


Cloud Based & Secure
Full Workflow Automation
Task Management & Reporting
Third Party Integration
Outstanding Training & Support


In 2016 Magram Computer Services (MCS) joined forces with AccuTitle Software to make TitleDesktop’s amazing features available to NY State Title Agencies.

The Magram Online Difference 
Unprecedented Functionality
• Complete Title Report, Policy, and Closing Disclosure production functionality.
• Quick production of Title Bills with automatic functions to calculate all New York Premiums, Taxes & various Recording Fees.
• Automatic verification of Property based on minimal data entry.
• A single Documents area designed to easily assimilate externally produced documents (e.g. Municipal Searches, Scanned Images, or any other user-created forms) into the final product, which can then be emailed, faxed, or published to your Web Site.
• An Ordering subsystem to easily track all communications with Third-Party Vendors such as Examiners & Municipal Search companies. Orders can be sent automatically through various integrations or via email and status can be checked as needed. The final product can be received directly in the system and assimilated into the Documents area all from a single Module.
• An Events Tracking subsystem to keep abreast of office work flow.
• A Ledger system designed to break down files, transfer funds into various accounts, automatically create Recording & Escrow checks, and export data to QuickBooks.
• A complete Reconciliation system to easily perform 3-Way Reconciliations on ALL bank accounts.
Keeping up to date with changes in the Title Industry
MagramOnline is compliant with the various changes within the industry mandated by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, ALTA Best Practices & the NYS Tile Insurance Agent Licensing Law and Regulations such as:
• The new Closing Disclosure form.
• Options for producing daily 3-Way Reconciliations & electronically recording Documents.
• Hosting in a SOC 2 Compliant environment so all data & documents are fully secure.
• Secure emails.

MagramOnline: A Total Solution. A Simple Process.
Your clients, lenders, underwriters, buyers and service providers are expecting more – we can make it easy for you to deliver.