Stop email fraud now - send documents safely with our new secure email & document portal. Giving your clients, attorneys, lenders, etc. secure access to any published document. Moreover, your data and documents are stored and automatically backed up within a fully secure, cloud-based environment, thereby drastically reducing IT related expenses.
Improve customer satisfaction
The document portal delivers an easy to use, comprehensive and elegant mechanism by which companies can significantly improve customer service and retain far greater control and visibility over the life-circle of their files.

The document portal makes it easy to access, manage, and securely share your documents.
Stop email fraud by delivering your documents via a secure portal vs. insecure email.


Publish documents to anyone
Improve customer satisfaction
Free for all users
Secure document delivery
Workflow optimization

The Documents Portal 
Stay up-to-date
Receive email and message notifications when files are uploaded or downloaded.
File organization
Search for documents in the portal by subject, file number, sender or date sent.
Receive documents from the client
Users of the portal can upload documents back into the title production software.
Workflow optimization
View documents directly in a browser without having to download them or own the software in which the file was created.
Go paperless
It's in the cloud - access your documents wherever, whenever, and enjoy a paperless workflow.
Secure environment
Documents are held in an environment where only the recipient can gain access. Multi-layer security and multiple firewalls provide top-level protection for your data.

AccuTitle Software: A Total Solution. A Simple Process.
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